Stroked edition, 2017
Designed by Zeijler Cleven

Oil Lamp is a project focused on the designers’ interest in light and it’s surroundings. Due to the choice of a primary material, attention is paid to the shapes and reflections in the material, with the curves giving subtle shadow plays. The material offers a luxurious appearance, which is enhanced by the warmth of one of the most traditional lighting methods.

Materials: brass, coated steel, aluminium, nylon

Dimensions: width 230 mm,  height 75 mm
Productcode: OB2301
Colourcode: BS01

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
Production: the Netherlands
Year: 2017

Click here for the stroked edition:
Curved edition
– Stroked edition

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This beautiful and sophisticated interior accessory will introduce a new and minimalistic piece for the living or bed room. Feel the warmth and be surprised by the reflection that it creates.​

Oil Lamp
Oil Lamp

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