General Terms and Conditions

Zeijler Cleven

1.       General Terms
These terms and conditions apply to any legal relationship (such as offers, quotes, deliveries and agreements) between Zeijler Cleven and the client. Zeijler Cleven has the right to change these terms and conditions. Deviations from these general terms apply only if they have been explicitly agreed in writing. 

2.      Intellectual property rights
All intellectual property rights, including copyrights and model rights, on our texts, photos, products and other materials are our property (or we are in charge with the consent of the proprietor). Your use should not be infringed.
Unless otherwise agreed, the client is not permitted to transfer (rights to) the materials or products supplied by Zeijler Cleven to third parties, objections, loans or otherwise made available to third parties. 

3.       Payment terms
As stated on the invoice, the amounts are inclusive of VAT. With an agreement you can pay this amount with one bank transfer. The shipping costs are for your account, unless otherwise agreed or stated. Payment must be within fourteen (14) days after the invoice date. The sooner you paid the payment, the sooner you will receive the product. Read point 5. 

4.       Delivery
If you do not pick up the product yourself, we will ship your product to the address you gave up at the order. You can not change the address if we have already sent the package. 

5.       Delivery period
We will handle a delivery period of up to 6 weeks after payment, depending on country and product. Normally spoken, you can expect your product before, if we have all parts in stock. The early delivery period will therefore be stated in writing on the invoice.
When the order will be delayed by force majeure, we will inform you in writing. By a longer delay, you can ask us to immediately return the amount you paid for the product to your bank account.  

6.       Liability
Zeijler Cleven is not liable for the damage caused by the use of a product. This does not apply if the damage is caused by our intentions, gross negligence or conscious recklessness. Your right to compensation will in any case be the maximum amount of the ordered and paid product. When any damage occur during transport of the product, you must state this within 7 working days of receipt. 

7.       Materials
The materials of the ordered products are never identical to each other. Sometimes they contain unique elements, which may differ from what is communicated offline and online through publication photos. Unfortunately, we can not resist this. If you do not agree with this, you must mention this within 7 working days of receipt. After that, we will look for a suitable solution. 

8.       Prices
When the prices of the suppliers will increase, it may affect the selling price of the product. Once you have received the invoice, you will be entitled to the specified prices for 14 days. After this period, these prices will expire, on which a subsequent invoice may use other selling prices. 

9.       Force majeure
If Zeijler Cleven can not fulfill the obligations by force majeure, those obligations will be suspended for the duration of the majeure situation. If this lasts more than thirty (30) days, both parties have the right to terminate the agreement in writing in whole or in parts, without the obligation to pay any form of compensation. Force majeure is understood to be either: late delivery or the absence of any of the parts by suppliers, illness and temporary or permanent disability of employees.

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